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Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre Powder brows is like having your brows filled in with makeup pencil except it stays on 24/7. With ombre, you get the dark to light effect creating dimension in your brows.

Initial $400


1-6 months $100

7-12 months $150

1-2 year $250

2-3 year $350

After 3 years Current Brow price

After Care



Expect some redness and swelling right after the procedure. You may also experience a white halo surrounding the area and this is related to the topical anesthetic used. These symptoms will disappear in the next hour or so.

  1. Avoid getting your eyebrows soaked in water until your brows are fully healed (when it is done flaking). Healing time varies from 10-14 days. You may wash with water and gently pat dry as needed.

  2. Apply a grain size of A&D/Vaseline/Aquaphor ointment using a Q-tip on each brow. Apply the ointment twice a day, morning and night. If you have oily skin, apply once at night.


It is crucial that during the healing period that you maintain facial hygiene and AVOID:

  • Touching or picking the eyebrows (apply ointment with Q-tip). Picking can lead to color loss, scarring and infection (especially if hands are not clean).

  • Getting the brows soaked with water. Accidental splash of water is okay as long as you pat dry with a napkin. It is best to wash your face by the sink prior to showering or you can avoid the eyebrow area when showering.

  • Any makeup on the eyebrow area

  • Workouts that involve a lot of sweating; sauna, facial massage and steaming

  • Sun tanning or salon tanning; swimming; excessive sun exposure (wear a hat when outside for a longer period)

  • Drinking alcohol in excess (may lead to slow healing)

What to expect during the healing periond

  • Your brows will start to darken over the next couple of days and this is normal. Keep in mind that your brows will lighten by 20-30% and continue to fade overtime.

  • At day 3-5, you can expect your brows to itch and flake. Your brows will look like dandruff flakes or dry skin. When the flakes fall off, some areas of the brow may appear too light but with time, the color will resurface. It is crucial that you do not pick/touch your brows to avoid color loss and/or possible scarring.

  • Total brow healing time is 10-14 days. You may resume normal activities brow activities such as washing your brows or applying makeup after you are done flaking or after 14 days.

  • At two weeks, the brows may be light and patchy since the skin is flaking off in different areas. Final result and color will be at four weeks.


Avoid sunbathing, solarbrium, light therapies, chemical peelings, fruit acids, microdermabrasion, creams that contain regeneration factors. Use of antibiotics and hormonal therapy can speed pigment fading.
After 14 days, apply sunscreen to the brows when exposed to sunlight to promote longevity. Other ways to extend the color of your brows: being gentle around the brow area when washing your face or when exfoliating avoid the brow area.
Always avoid laser treatments over the treated area (fraxel, laser, IPL) because it can destroy the pigments.

Touch Up Appointment

A touchup session is considered a perfection session to fill in any spots that did not take pigment well. Touchup is recommended as everyone heals differently. It can be scheduled anytime after 6 weeks from initial procedure. New procedures are a two-step process and final results are sometimes not guaranteed until a follow visit is completed.


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